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Sports Director (summer only)

Depending upon the particular campsite, Game On! hires Sports Directors in Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Lacrosse, and Field Hockey. A Sports Director will create & execute a detailed summer program, designed to help girls, grades pre-K through 8th, to learn the fundamentals & grow as an athlete in the specific sport. With a focus on fun & the joy of sport, directors will supervise and provide hands-on teaching. Sports Directors will also play an integral role in creating a safe, spirited and warm camp environment, with substantial involvement in all other facets of the “Game On! camp” experience as per direction from the camp Directors.

Desired Skills & Expertise

  • Experience coaching and teaching young kids in the particular sport;

  • Strong Athletic background (competitive, higher level experience in the sport is a plus);

  • A keen understanding of and passion for the empowerment of girls through sports;

  • Current involvement in sports and fitness;

  • Love for sports and kids;

  • Strong communication skills especially when it comes to kids;

  • Self Motivated;

  • Energy comparable to the Eveready Bunny;

  • Warm and Dynamic Personality including sense of humor;

  • Strong leadership capabilities balanced by the ability to be a team player;

  • Supreme patience;

  • Organized and responsible;

  • Team player

  • Role model

  • Great references

On a weekly basis, the Sports Director will submit a plan, organized into mornings and afternoons, that will detail the skill or skills of the week, the contests that incorporate development of those skills, and optional activities including wacky games and/or recreational, and/or advanced skill development or play. He or she will also submit the “challenge” for the upcoming Challenge Course Friday.

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