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Camp Director (summer only)

The Camp Director’s responsibility is to execute the mission of Game On! every day at camp, in addition to creating the spirited atmosphere and energy we are known for. Specifically, a Director’s responsibility would include the following:

  • Securing and Maintaining a SAFE & FUN camp environment;

  • Serving as the ultimate role model for staff and campers;

  • Creating a contagious energy and spirit that carries through each and every camp day;

  • Organizing and executing daily camp schedule including morning team stations and afternoon optionals;

  • Organizing and executing special camp events and theme week activities;

  • Coordinating and managing camp field trips;

  • Managing and motivating camp staff;

  • Interacting with campers;

  • Forging relationships with campers and camp families;

  • Coordinating equipment needs and maintaining equipment;

  • Maintaining good relations with facility host;

  • Taking quality care of facility property;

  • Birthday card project and other creative endeavors

  • Potential for involvement in Game On! events during school year

  • Potential for aiding in the marketing of Game On! year-round

Some of the criteria we look for in a Camp Director:

  • Strong athletic background a plus;

  • Current involvement in sports and fitness;

  • Extensive experience in coaching or teaching kids;

  • Extensive experience in management and leadership;

  • Self Motivated;

  • Strong desire to empower young girls through sports;

  • Energy comparable to the Energizer Bunny;

  • Warm and Dynamic Personality including sense of humor;

  • Organized and detail oriented;

  • Networked in community a plus;

  • Supreme patience;

  • Outstanding communication skills;

  • A keen understanding of the benefits of sports in the lives of young children;

  • Superb references

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